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Never Miss a Moment with Third Eye Weddings!

Third Eye Weddings is your complete multimedia solution. With over 100 precious wedding memories under our belt, we are committed to capturing candid moments in High definition that you will want to cherish forever.

We treasure your memories as much as you do, that’s why we make every effort to familiarize ourselves with your guests, and the chosen location for this special day. We also ensure to protect, backup, and keep safe, all your footage, since we understand its priceless value.

We provide a variety of packages including multi-camera set ups, along with services such as live feeds, same day edit, pre-wedding trailers and custom slideshows. We also offer a creative design service, for both web and print. Allowing us to create beautiful invitations, labels, seating charts and stunning web content...all in house!

By choosing Third Eye Weddings, you are selecting an efficient and extremely easy to work with team of highly professional, enthusiastic and patient  individuals. The Third Eye team has the creative ability to produce timeless masterpieces you will surely want to treasure, year after year.

When making a choice that will stay with you forever, never miss a moment with Third Eye Weddings!


Our Demo Reel

never miss a moment

Need a Third Eye? Never miss a moment with Third Eye Weddings. What sets us apart is that our camera men know how handle a camera beyond the tripod, we like to consider our selves as human cranes. You may see us dancing around with the camera, just to get that perfect shot. Which allows us to capture candid moments and move around faster to capture all the elements. We familiarize our selves with your guest interact with them so that they dont feel camera shy. Our easy to work with team, will never pressure you on time. We offer editing sessions so you get to see the final product before we make the master copy. Call us today and speak with a creative director 778-886-3393.


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